Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Ottolenghi Simple

Impress your family and wow your friends by making Ottolenghi recipes easily at home
and without any hassle.

Yotam’s award-winning recipes are always a celebration: an unforgettable combination of abundance, taste and surprise. Ottolenghi SIMPLE is no different. Bursting with colourful photography by Jonathan Lovekin and playful design, this cookbook has over 130 brand-new dishes that contain all the inventive elements and flavour combinations that Ottolenghi is loved for, but with minimal hassle for maximum joy.

Every person cooks differently. Some find baking easy, others crumble at the thought. While some love to stand over the pot watching and stirring, others want to place a casserole in the oven and walk away. Here are Yotam’s standout recipes that will suit whatever type of cooking you find easy. Yotam and his team have devised a straightforward system that allows you to work out what sort of ‘simple cook’ you are, in order to cook the recipes that are right for you.

These brilliant, flavour-packed dishes are all SIMPLE in at least one (but very often more than one) way;


Also included are SIMPLE meal suggestions from mid-week suppers to weekend feasts with the number of ways in which the 130 recipes can be combined to make various different meals covering a range of occasions (weekend brunch; Summer vegetarian feast; tapas feast; Middle Eastern Feast or Mid-week supper) depending on the season.

Yotam also includes his top 10 ingredients, including Urfa chilli flakes, Sumac, Tahini, black garlic and preserved lemons - ingredients he relies on in the kitchen and will keep championing until they become our ‘everyday’ ingredients.

Ottolenghi SIMPLE is impressive and bold food that anyone can cook.

About the Authors

Yotam Ottolenghi is a cookery writer and chef-patron of the Ottolenghi delis, NOPI restaurant and ROVI. He writes a weekly column in The Guardian’s Feast Magazine and a monthly column in The New York Times and has published six bestselling cookbooks: Plenty and Plenty More (his collection of vegetarian recipes); Ottolenghi: The Cookbook and Jerusalem co-authored with Sami Tamimi; and NOPI: The Cookbook with Ramael Scully. Sweet, with Helen Goh, is his baking and desserts cookbook. Yotam has made two

‘Mediterranean Feasts’ series for More 4, along with a BBC 4 documentary, ‘Jerusalem on a Plate’.  @Ottolenghi

Tara Wigley – Tara worked in publishing for the best part of a decade before switching to food and writing in 2010. She trained at the Ballymaloe cookery school in Ireland (taking young twins and a big Bosnian dog with her) before starting to work with Yotam in 2010. For the first year she tested recipes with Yotam in his West London flat before taking on the role of writing collaborator once the test kitchen was established in 2012. Tara was very involved with the creation of PLENTY MORE and is credited on the title page with the writing of NOPI: THE COOKBOOK, SWEET, the re-launched edition of OTTOLENGHI: THE COOKBOOK and SIMPLE. She lives in South London with Chris and their three kids and is near-on obsessed with tahini.

Esme Howarth spent the first ten years of her career working as a private chef, mostly on large sailing yachts. This allowed her to see the world, eat a lot of fish, and crucially learn to cook on a very small work surface. She started at Ottolenghi in the shops - heading up the team in Notting Hill, and then overseeing all the kitchens - before moving to work in the Ottolenghi test Kitchen in 2012. Esme can cook and eat everything but is happiest, secretly, with an AGA-cooked jacket potato.