Monday, December 2, 2013

The Bookman's Favourite New Zealand Cookbooks for 2013

This is my post from last week along with a footnote.

I was going to say the Best Cookbooks for 2013 then decided that I wasn't really qualified to make that call so changed it to my favourites.

My shortlist of New Zealand favourites, in no particular order:

The Complete New Zealand Seafood Cookbook - Penguin Books $60
Limited Edition Cookery - Laura Faire - self published $115
Everlasting Feast - Lauraine Jacobs - Random House $55
PIE - Dean Brettschneider - Penguin Books - $55
Cut - Josh Emett - Random House - $65
Nadia Lim's Good Food Book - Nadia Lim - Random House $50
Union Jax - back to Blighty -  Jax Hamilton - Bateman $40
Julie Biuso at Home - Julie Biuso - New Holland $65


Since publishing the above list of eight favourite NZ titles I have had a number of friends/readers suggesting I should have included this title or that.......... Interestingly the two that caused by far the most comment over their absence are the next two I would have included had I made a list of ten .

They were A Taste of Home by Brett McGregor (Random House) and Ripe Recipes-A Fresh Batch (Beatnik).
So here they are.

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