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Did you know adding online recipes to your EYB Bookshelf is a really great way to build your personal recipe collection? You can now do this even if you have a free membership!

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From magazines:

Berry and Coconut Cake with Lemon Curd Cream by Claire Aldous from the
Feb/Mar issue of indexed Dish Magazine

From AUS/NZ books:

5 recipes from Meat: How to Choose, Cook and Eat It by Adrian Richardson
(Also published as Meat: Delicious Dinners for Every Night of the Week)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

This week's gastronomy news.............

This week's gastronomy news
Bravo! Italian-style aperitivo is now on offer at these 6 Auckland eateries
Bravo! Italian-style aperitivo is now on offer at these 6 Auckland eateries
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Bravo! Italian-style aperitivo is now on offer at these 6 Auckland eateries
We discover a bar dedicated solely to margaritas
We discover a bar dedicated solely to margaritas
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We discover a bar dedicated solely to margaritas
Meet the new bird on the block - Ponsonby Central welcomes a new eatery
Meet the new bird on the block - Ponsonby Central welcomes a new eatery
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Chilling Out with Julie Biuso

Chilling outThere’s a great mix of recipes and ideas in this week’s newsletter: coconut ice cream to keep you cool, Ilaria’s adaption of salad Niçoise ­– she’s paying a fortune for ingredients in London in the attempt to bring a little much-longed for sunshine into her life – and there’s my son Luca’s Monday night burger (and they don’t get much fancier than this!), a great way with corn when you’re done eating it on the cob, and a pipiathon lunch on Waiheke. 
There's also my best-ever recipe for blueberry muffins made with oil, not butter. It's one of those recipes that you just mix up with no fancy steps to trip you up. You’ll also find extras added to Cook’s Notes including how to toast hazelnuts and how to char-grill red peppers. Did you know that chillies can also be char-grilled and add amazing flavour to sauces, salsas, dressings and the like? 
Cook’s Notes is a great resource on Shared Kitchen, something we are proud of and work hard on, so check it out from time to time for updates.
And, hey! No hold-ups. Get cracking on the coconut ice cream. It’s awesome.

Giving Realism the Side-Eye: The Fiction of Diane Williams



“Water is a burned substance.” This strange line comes from nowhere to conclude Honoré de Balzac’s “Gambara,” one of the real-est short stories I have ever read about art. And the line is made mystifying by what we call Balzac’s realism: the material descriptions, psychological observations, and sociological inventions that conspire to submerge the reader in a world with depth.
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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Mon Eclair


Mon Eclair
David, 23 Jan 

Mon Eclair pastry shop in Paris
I was recently part of a panel on France24 television to debate the subject: “The argument over French cuisine.” Rather than being a debate, though, it was more question-and-answer session once the cameras were rolling. But beforehand, the four of us on the panel had a very lively discussion in the lobby about the subject, which at one point, I stopped and told the producers that this was what should be captured by the cameras. All four of us agreed on a number of points, but came from different places, so each had our own ideas of what French cuisine is today, and where it is going. (And I had a few ideas of where it shouldn’t be going.)
Moving to the studio, I was seated next to Gregory Cohen, a French chef who’s lived in the United States. He’d brought several éclairs along from his shop, Mon Eclair, which they conveniently put right in front of me for the taping. It was hard to concentrate, sitting next to the beautiful creations, while we continued to chat. But when the cameras stopped, I dove right in.
Mon Eclair pastry shop in ParisAmazingly, a day after the show aired, one of my best friends in Los Angeles sent me an email. He’d seen the program and was a good friend of Gregory. I didn’t ask if he usually watched France24 in L.A., but found that pretty incredible he knew the personable fellow sitting to my left. But I was equally interested in Gregory’s new concept of a pastry shop (where you design your own dessert), as I’ve been thinking a lot about how French cuisine will involve, and what it will it look like in the future.
While there are some extraordinary young chefs cooking in Paris today, most of the food reads to me like “global cuisine,” rather than being uniquely French. The ingredients may be sourced in France, but the chef may be Australian, French, Belgian, or American. So what makes a dish “French cuisine”? We apply that label to traditional foods from the past, but how do we define what’s assign provenance to a plate of bulots (sea whelks) tempura that I had at Pirouette two nights ago? Or the unforgettable crab salad with green tomato jelly with coral mayo I had at the Bristol? They hardly were typical “French” dishes, but made with French ingredients by French chefs. Still, if I was served them in Seattle or Tokyo, they would have felt right at home.
For the last couple of years, many of the trends in Paris took cues from outside of the country. But éclair is resolutely French and it’s the perfect palette for invention, and reinvention.
Mon Eclair pastry shop in Paris
In a place where it’s usually “Our way or the highway” (“C’est de notre chemin, ou l’autoroute” doesn’t sound quite right in French), you can have it your way at Mon Éclair. In fact, that’s the whole concept of the shop Gregory started with Johanna Le Pape, who was a Championne du monde des art sucrés, a world-champion in pastry and confectionary.
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Eat Your Books

Dear BookmanBeattie,

Finding the best recipes amongst the millions online is not easy – but you don’t have to! The team here at Eat Your Books, searches for excerpts from indexed books and magazines and every week we bring you our latest finds. Every day recipes are added from the best blogs and websites.

As a member, you can also add your own favorite online recipes using the Bookmarklet. With EYB, you can have a searchable index of all your recipes in one place!

Happy cooking and baking everyone!

From magazines:

5 chocolate & chile recipes from the Feb/Mar issue of indexed Fine Cooking Magazine

From UK books:

17 recipes from Sweet by James Martin

12 recipes from Out of the Pod: Delicious Recipes That Bring the Best Out of Beans, Lentils and Other Pulses by Vicky Jones, indexed by an EYB member
From AUS/NZ books:

12 recipes from Special Delivery: Favourite Recipes to Make and Take
by Annabel Crabb & Wendy Sharpe

Friday, January 22, 2016

Food porn is the new click bait for audience-hungry publishers

The rise of Facebook video has led not only to a video hiring frenzy by publishers, but a veritable feast of food content.

The uncontested leader here is BuzzFeed. Its Facebook-only cooking channel, Tasty, has more than 30 million Facebook likes and was the No. 1 video creator on the platform in December with 1 billion views on its instructional videos for delicious-looking comfort dishes like pizza bread boat and mini chicken pot pies, according to Tubular Labs. 

Another channel, BuzzFeed Food, ranked four, with nearly half a billion views. Upstart Tastemade and Tastemade Brasil also ranked in the top 10.

Business Insider has also jumped on the food porn trend. Its new general news vertical, Insider, launched Insider Food on Facebook last week, and the page has grown faster than Insider, already racking up 40,000 likes and contributing to Insider’s half a billion views.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Fresh Apricot and Almond Cakes

21 January 2016
Fresh Apricot and Almond Cakes
Make the most of the abundance of fresh apricots with these tender, gluten free cakes. Cool then pile on top with cream and devour.
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Sarah Tuck's Friday Night Pizza
This pizza is so incredibly easy to make, and everybody will love it. It takes less time than ordering takeaways, and tastes so much better.
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Hello Graham

It's a new year and this week we have some ideas for those looking to change up their routine. If caffeine's a morning priority, see our round up of new Auckland cafes to try. One of my resolutions was to cut back on coffee (just a little); if you're in the same boat our ideas for perfecting your morning smoothie may help (see below).
Celebrate the delicious fruit on offer at the moment with Claire Aldous' Fresh Apricot and Almond Cakes (above) or enter the draw to win Lynda Hallinan's beautiful book filled with recipes and advice for making delectable jams and preserves (below).
Online Editor,
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LATEST RECIPES | Our favourites from this week
Cucumber and Carrot ‘Noodles’ with Sesame Sauce

Blue Hawaiian

Pork Belly Steamed Buns