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Stohrer Pastry Shop


Stohrer Pastry Shop
David, 08 Jan 

Stohrer Pastry Shop in Paris
When people ask me “Why did you move to Paris?” I’ll usually stop, point to the nearest cheese shop or bakery, and let them figure it out for themselves.
There are a lot of pastry shops in Paris, over a thousand of them. But the first was Stohrer, which opened in 1730 by pastry chef Nicolas Stohrer, the pastry chef for Louis XV of France and his wife, the daughter of the king of Poland. I can only imagine what the shop looked like back then, but I’m sure it was quite a different place.Stohrer Pastry Shop in Paris
Today the rue Montorgueil is a thriving, busy pedestrian street, with the occasional motor scooter racing down it, beeping its way through the crowds of shoppers. The street has changed a lot in the last decade or so, since I first walked down it. During the day, there are open air shops selling produce, several excellent cheese shops, a crier (a fish market when the young men in rubber boots call out what fish they are trying to sell that day), bread bakeries, and cafés whose rickety seats spill out onto the streets, which are occupied with early risers getting in their first cup of coffee, to a crowd of hipsters and other locals, drinking beers until late in the evening.
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