Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Four new food titles from New Holland Publishers

What a thrill one day last week to open a parcel from New Holland Publishers to find four food titles! My kind of parcel !

Indian food’s popularity continues to grow, and more and more people are cooking Indian dishes for themselves at home.  This book brings together over 170 delicious recipes from Meena Pathak.
 As well as offering advice on basic Indian ingredients and cooking techniques, Meena gives her own practical tips for everything from recipe variations to storage of spices.  The recipes form a comprehensive collection covering everything from light snacks to everyday meals for the whole family, as well as more elaborate concoctions for special occasions.  There are therefore both simple, quick (and healthy) recipes for busy cooks as well as more complex dishes for those seeking a new challenge. 

Written in a very personal style, the book also takes the reader back through Meena’s memories and anecdotes of both India and the UK, as well as charting the emergence of Patak’s as a brand leader in Indian foods. 
Meena Pathak’s Tastes of India is aideal for both practical regular meals as well as for foodies exploring new culinary styles or ingredients.
Hardback $34.99

 The Way We Used to Cook is a beautifully designed gift book with a fabric case.

The Way We Used to Cook is a selection of the classic recipes that are continually cooked by each generation of the family. The recipes are cooked with ingredients that you will find in the pantry cupboard and freezer. The recipes are comforting, will warm your heart and fill your stomach - soups, Sunday lunches, roasts and of course cakes, slices, cookies, and pies.

The instructions throughout are thorough and really easy to follow. This is a very handy cookbook with a great selection of meals and treats. It's easy to use and a fantastic addition to a cookbook collection.
Hardback - $39.99

The easy but stylish recipes, evocative images and gorgeous design in Beach Bach Boat Barbecue work together to capture the essence of the quintessential Kiwi summer – so it’s not hard to see why the first book by this name became an instant hit from one end of New Zealand to the other. A second volume followed and both editions became award winners and proven bestsellers, reprinting numerous times.
     Now, by popular demand, the best recipes from the two books have been distilled into one large, giftable collection, producing not only a stunning lifestyle cookbook, but an inspirational resource for all casual entertaining. 
      Penny Oliver’s enticing recipes rely on fresh, top quality seasonal ingredients and are grouped in four chapters, each of which celebrates a popular aspect of the New Zealand summer. They don’t need literally to be created at the bach, eaten on the beach, enjoyed on the boat, or cooked up at a seaside barbecue. They’re simply to be enjoyed with friends and family.

     They are showcased against a background of evocative images taken by Ian Batchelor that instantly call to mind wonderful holiday memories.
Hardback $55.00

A wickedly decadent collection of sweet baking, Tamara Jane’s latest cookbook offers an irresistible array of cakes and slices created especially to cater for people on a restricted diet. There are recipes that are free from gluten, others that are free from eggs or dairy and some that are suitable for vegans, so you will find delicious treats that everyone can enjoy, even if they have an intolerance or allergy.

Each recipe is annotated gluten, dairy, egg or nut free for quick and easy reference and all the special ingredients are listed and explained at the front of the book. With recipes for cookies, slices, macarons, scones, cupcakes, light fluffy sponges, and rich fruit cakes, this tempting collection of baking will entice even the novice baker into the kitchen.

The beautiful photographs by Devin Hart demonstrate Tamara’s skill as a p√Ętissier, with the pretty decorative detailing that makes all the difference when it comes to creating tantalising treats.
Paperback w/flaps - $34.99

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