Monday, November 18, 2013

The well-ordered world of Josh Emett

BESS MANSON -  26/10/2013

Looking out from his twinkly, hooded eyes, Josh Emett looks like a rather beautiful hawk; alert, focused, sharp. There's a lot going on behind those eyes. You can almost hear his brain ticking over. It's exhausting.

Here's what Emett's to-do list looks like right now:

■ Gear up for the launch of 'Cut' - his meat-focused recipe book inspired by life growing up on a Waikato farm.
■ Put the finishing touches to the menu of Ostro, the soon-to-open Auckland restaurant in the new Seafarers Building, Britomart.
■ Liaise with his partner on details for his second restaurant in Queenstown.
■ Film the fifth season of  'MasterChef New Zealand'.
■ Do a spot tasting of his new ready-to-eat Chef Series range.

You want to take a deep breath and have a tremendously long lie-down contemplating this sort of work agenda, but Emett is raring to go. Bright-eyed and frighteningly energetic, his mental battery is fully charged.
With this kind of schedule you just have to keep calm, the 40-year-old says. ''Don't stress it too much. If there's something that needs to be dealt with, get it done. Get it done, get it dusted, fix it and move on to the next thing.''

That's Emett to a T. Order and discipline are part of his DNA. When we meet at his Auckland home, he's neatly turned out, not a hair out of place. Even at the kitchen table during our interview he's straightening things. Pen here, book there. Order.

With so much going on in his life, he must have to delegate tasks, though one imagines that wouldn't be easy for a self-confessed control freak. 


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