Monday, November 25, 2013

50 Essential Novels for Foodies

By Emily Temple on

‘Tis the season, as they say, to stuff your face. Thanksgiving, that hallowed day of highly caloric foods and oft-tempestuous family relations, is upon us. To celebrate — or just to escape the festivities for a while — why not nourish the foodie in you with some gourmand-friendly literature? 
Behold, a spread worthy of kings: 50 essential works of fiction (no memoirs or travel narratives here, that’s for another list) to whet your appetite, and then satisfy it, and then satisfy it some more. And as ever, if your favorite got squeezed out, just pile it on the plate in the comments. … Read More

After reading this leading NZ food writer Lauraine Jacobs wrote saying:

I have read 17 of those books mentioned on your blog this morning, and have very little desire to read more. I prefer non fiction food books to be honest as I find this new genre of food as the theme in novels is rather tiring!

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