Monday, November 11, 2013

The Complete New Zealand Seafood Cookbook

by Auckland Seafood School
Penguin Books - Hardcover - $60
Publication 22 November, 2013

The Complete New Zealand Seafood Cookbook is not just a collection of tasty recipes, it is also your go-to book for all things seafood and includes expert advice on: catching, handling, purchasing and storing fish; preparing fish at home, including scaling, gutting, filleting, boning and skinning, as well as cleaning and preparing shellfish; cooking seafood, including pan-frying, barbecuing, steaming, poaching and baking; and how to choose the ideal seafood option for a meal.
This new book builds on the Seafood School's first book published four or five years ago.

From smoked fish pie and whitebait fritters to fish burgers, gumbo and paella, all the favourite seafood dishes are here in this cookbook – along with some fresh ideas to try. Packed with more than 250 tried-and-true recipes, covering everything from everyday meals to special events, this is probably the only seafood cookbook Kiwis should need. The recipes cover a wide range if cuisines too - Thai, Mexican, Indian & Pacific among them.
Make sure you have a copy at the bach this summer.

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  1. This book probably has some really unique recipes if it touches on so many different cuisines. Never thought of Mexican or Indian seafood before? I have a stock of frozen seafood I have been dying to try and come up with different recipes to cook with and I'd say this book definitely has some unique flavors for my taste-buds.