Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Bookman's Favourite Cookbooks for 2013

I was going to say the Best Cookbooks for 2013 then decided that I wasn't really qualified to make that call so changed it to my favourites.

First up my shortlist of New Zealand favourites, in no particular order:

The Complete New Zealand Seafood Cookbook - Penguin Books $60
Limited Edition Cookery - Laura Faire - self published $115
Everlasting Feast - Lauraine Jacobs - Random House $55
PIE - Dean Brettschneider - Penguin Books - $55
Cut - Josh Emett - Random House - $65
Nadia Lim's Good Food Book - Nadia Lim - Random House $50
Union Jax - back to Blighty -  Jax Hamilton - Bateman $40
Julie Biuso at Home - Julie Biuso - New Holland $65

Now my shortlist of imported favourites, again in no particular order:

Love Bake Nourish - Amber Rose - Kyle Books - $45
Eat, the little book of fast food - Nigel Slater - Fourth Estate - $50
The New Classics - Donna Hay - Harper Collins - $70
Lucy Boyd Kitchen memories - Harper Collins - $50
The Amalfi Coast - a Collection of Italian Recipes -Hardie Grant - $50
Bill's Italian Food - Bill Granger - Harper Collins - $60
take away - Jean-Francois Mallet - Chronicle Books - $60
The Kinfolk Table - Nathan Williams - Workman Publishing - $70

Later I will select one from each list as my all-time favourite for the year.

It is interesting to note the good health of cookbook/food publishing in New Zealand and around the world. My informal survey suggests that at least 50 cookbooks were published in NZ this year and one suspects that it is the largest selling genre in the non-fiction area.

Since publishing the above list of eight favourite NZ titles I have had a number of friends/readers suggesting I should have included this title or that.......... Interestingly the two that caused most comment over their absence are the next two I would have included had I made a list of ten .

They were A Taste of Home by Brett McGregor (Random House) and Ripe Recipes-A Fresh Batch (Beatnik).

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