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Cook the Books – Supernormal

30 June 2016
Cook the Books – Supernormal
Our practical recipe reviewer tries Andrew McConnell's Roast Pork Shoulder with Pickled Cabbage.
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Passionfruit Shortbread
Food Editor Claire Aldous has made a lot of shortbread over the years but these have always been her favourite. 
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Hello Graham

We're on deadline in the office this week, so we've been turning to sweet treats to help us through the long days. Our Food Editor Claire Aldous is the best person to help with this – above you'll find her recipe for fruity shortbread. Once we're finished we might just treat ourselves with the ultimate indulgence: Toast magazine's decadent hot chocolate topped off with whisky (see the recipe below).
If you have more time on your hands than we do at the moment, you might like to read David Parker's review of Supernormal – a book of recipes from the Melbourne restaurant of the same name. We also got our hands on the recipe he tried, scroll down to find it if his review makes your stomach growl.
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LATEST RECIPES | Our favourite recipes from this week

Vege-Packed Noodles with Ginger and Chilli

Pea, Ham and Celeriac Soup

Lemon Cheesecake Tart with Lemon Curd

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Crunchy-skinned jacket-baked potatoes: The ultimate comfort food

Comfort Me With Potatoes Seriously! The renowned American food writer and restaurant critic Ruth Reichl may have preferred apples – she wrote an engaging memoir called Comfort Me with Apples – but for me it’s all about spuds, so yes, comfort me with potatoes, please, anytime.

A jacket-baked potato fills the pit of the stomach like nothing else – you know that hunger-hole you have there when you are tired, cold and nearly dropping dead from lack of sustenance – a jacket-baked potato is like swallowing a warm glow of happiness that spreads from the pit of your stomach upwards, leaving nothing but pleasure in its wake.
There are plenty of ideas on how to serve jacket-baked potatoes in this post, including topping them with chilli-fried eggs or filling them with a ladleful of bolognese sauce and even stuffing them with leftover cauliflower cheese and grilling until bubbling and golden. Plenty of tips, too.

I’ve put in a couple of summery recipes for my American followers – 4th July is fast approaching – but if you are in colder climes you’ll find these recipes filed under Summer in Categories on the right-hand side of the Shared Kitchen Home page where they’ll be easy to find when the sun does shine your way. The Asian leaf salad is astonishingly good, and not weather dependent, but it is a nice one to stuff in a bun with grilled fish or chicken to give your burger a bit of a fresh kick. For more recipes for 4th July see here (Best Burgers, Chicken Burgers with Marinated Zucchini, Fish Burgers, Oven-baked Smoked Paprika Fries).

I’m off to Wellington tomorrow to judge the 100% NZ Pork, Bacon & Ham Competition. By next Wednesday I’ll know where the best bacon, ham and pork comes from so watch this space!

Cooking classes are in full swing. Last Saturday’s class was very busy, covering 8 classic dishes and showcasing SoHo's Waiheke wines. It rained relentlessly, but everyone soldiered on, caught the ferry over, then ensconced around the warm kitchen, forgot the worries of the day. Check out the Cooking Classes programme here.

Unfortunately, if you haven’t yet booked for the event ‘As Good As It Gets’ at Casita Miro with Bob Campbell Master of Wine and myself, you are out of luck: tickets sold out in 3 days. However, we are working on other ideas and will post them here as soon as we can.

Have a great week, and get cooking those potatoes!

Comfort Me With Potatoes

A jacket-baked potato is like swallowing a warm glow of happiness that spreads from the pit of your stomach upwards, leaving nothing but pleasure in its wake.

Love your spuds

... so much you can do with them. Woo-hoo!

Baked Potatoes Stuffed with Smoked Fish & Paprika

Time to get off the couch and get cooking!

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This week's gastronomy news
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Tawlet Souk el Tayeb, Lebanese food in Paris



Tawlet Souk el Tayeb, Lebanese food in Paris
David, 28 Jun

Tawlet Souk el tayeb Lebanese food paris
One of the great regrets I had in life was when I went to Beirut and didn’t go to the Tawlet Souk el Tayeb, a culinary project supporting local farmers, cooks, and producers. There’s also a weekly farmers’ market, classes and meals.
Lebanese salads
Because my schedule was so packed on my trip, as much as I tried, I didn’t make it. A few years later – as in, this week, Kamal Mouzawak, the founder of the Souk el Tayeb, brought the cooks from Beirut to Paris. So I was anxious to go and cleared a patch in my schedule. (Although I wouldn’t mind going back to Beirut!)
I arrived early to check out what was happening in the kitchen, where the women were bustling around, preparing food for dinner. I noticed a big platter of pickled turnips, ready to go between pita breads for the homemade falafels they were frying up, which was a good sign. They weren’t the store-bought ones, but homemade.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Recipes using turmeric

View this email with images June 28, 2016
An old Indian spice lauded for its health benefits, turmeric adds both colour and a peppery, warm, sometimes slightly bitter flavour to food. Use it in curries, with rice, as a paste for grilled meats and in warm winter soups.