Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A little indulgence is good for the soul says Julie Biuso

A little indulgence is good for the soul When the mercury drops we can afford to eat lovely rich foods – we need the extra calories to keep warm! So, with that in mind, I thought a batch of leek & bacon tartlets would be a go-er for nippy nights huddled around the fire watching our nation’s favourite game (OMG! I'm talking RUGBY!!!). Yes, the tartlets are good with wine (a Chardonnay is a great match), but leeks and beer is an even better combination. I've used the leftover scraps of cheese pastry from the tartlets to make  a batch of cheese straws – also good with beer or wine. Talking of beer, Ilaria has written a story on brewing beer in London. She had a go and flavoured her brew with peach purée!

I love
roast parsnips, but hate them when they are soggy – usually the result of cooking them in too much fat. You've got to have a go at these ones, laden with garlic and parmesan, because they're gorgeous beyond description. You'll also find an extensive post on leeks, with loads of tips and nutritional information (like, why you should eat them!) and heaps of recipe ideas.
Cooking classes are filling fast, with some classes now fully booked, so if you are thinking of coming along, get a rattle on. Have a great week, and get cooking!

Later this week I will be introducing Humphrey. He'll be popping onto both our Shared Kitchen Facebook page and my own one. Look out for him, and LIKE him! He's absolutely as cute as a button and destined to become a star!  

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