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L’imprimerie Bakery



L’imprimerie Bakery
David, 06 Jun

I’m often dismayed when I take a trip back to the U.S. and people tell me they wonder why they can’t get good food where they live, like they have in France. While it’s certainly true there aren’t bakeries on every street corner in America (I think people would miss all those 24/7 drugstores and coffee shops), there are places that offer fresh-baked goods, nice cheeses, wines, and chocolates. You just have to scope them out.
l'Imprimerie Bakery in Brooklyn New York baguettes and micheI was happy to discover, in a somewhat off-beat part of Brooklyn, L’imprimerie, a bakery that surprised even me. One day during my trip, I’d had a great Detroit-style pizza lunch at Emmy Squared with a friend (Tip: Go for the Roni Supreme with pepperoni and Calabrian chili) and wanted a coffee afterwards. He said we could get one at the bakery, which was on my list of places to visit. I was surprised when he said that, because very few bakeries serve coffee in France. I forgot that about the States; very few bakeries just sell bread or pastries, and send people on their way. So, on the upside, you can multitask a pick up a coffee along with your bread.

It’s nice to have a place to sit and eat something, along with your coffee if you want to stay and chat with a friend. And it’s also nice to give people credit when they’re doing something well, as is happening in many places around America.
French pastriesLast time I was in New York, I was with some French friends who have a bakery in Paris and we were talking about why there wasn’t high quality bread readily available in the United States. I thought about it for a while, and while we can get good bread in most cities, it’s not something that people in America automatically put out on the table. I have to remember to bring bread as a gift when I go to dinner parties in America because I find myself searching for the bread basket. The only snag is when they think it’s merely a gift, and don’t put any out for the guests, including me. (I hope it’s not rude to bring it up. Maybe I should arrive with it already sliced, in a basket?)
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