Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sarah Tuck's Roast Lamb Leftovers Tart

23 June 2016
Sarah Tuck's Roast Lamb Leftovers Tart
There's nothing like gathering friends and family around the table for a good old roast lamb and veges – and the next day there is so much more to leftovers than becoming sandwich filling.
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Baking Inspiration
Vegan Chocolate Peppermint Cake
A deeply moist vegan chocolate cake, this is the kind that sticks to your knife, crumbling gently. Luscious coconut cream and peppermint ganache is entirely necessary.
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Hello Graham

If you missed out on our Chef's Table demonstration with ApĂ©ro's Leslie Hottiaux you can find the photos below, but beware, they may make your stomach rumble a little. Tickets to our next event "Set, Style, Serve – Making food look beautiful" with Sam Mannering are on sale now and it's sure to be a beautiful evening. You'll learn food, table and home styling tips and get to enjoy delectable wine-matched food. Be in quick if you want to join us; looking at photos afterwards is never quite as satisfying as being there.
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