Friday, May 29, 2015

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From magazines:

12 recipes starring fresh peas from the June/July issue of indexed Fine Cooking Magazine

From UK books:

13 recipes from Anatolia: Adventures in Turkish Cooking by Somer Sivrioglu & David Dale
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8 recipes from The Violet Bakery Cookbook by Claire Ptak

From AUS/NZ books:

13 recipes from Josh's Backyard BBQ by Josh Emett

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Restaurant publishes cookbook

19 Captain Cook Road,
Cooks Beach

I have not been to this restaurant though I hear good things about it.
A friend has just loaned me the small cookbook they have recently published - GO VINO - KaiZen Dining in Cooks Beach which I suspect you can only buy at the restaurant..It includes some 20 of their dishes with matching colour pics.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Chocolate Peppermint Thins

28 May

I'm very guilty of being a starter (not a finisher) of new hobbies. For all I know, I could have been a professional skateboarder, yoga teacher or trumpet player by now. One hobby that's stuck (luckily!) is food, and with winter properly setting in, I've relished spending whole Sundays cooking and baking for the week. There's plenty of inspiration for this weekend here - from easy Chocolate Peppermint Thins to a vegan version of Shepherd's Pie, plus soup, soup, soup!

Online Editor,


Chocolate Peppermint Thins (gf)

My perfect match – chocolate and peppermint! You can of course dip them in dark chocolate for more indulgence, the choice is yours.

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Kumara, Lentil and Mushroom Bake (Vegan)

The absolute epitome of wholesome comfort food – my partner has declared this is his favourite dish I’ve made lately.

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Dr Feel Good Winter Salad

I am going to call this salad 'Dr Feel Good' (as a tribute to Aretha's song – not the Motley Crue one!). Packed with vitamins A, B6, C, E, K and potassium, magnesium, zinc and fibre it is a veritable anti-aging, cold-fighting, antioxidant extravaganza and it tastes A-Mazing. You will love it.

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Five Soups to Eat Now

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Julie Biuso's Shared Kitchen

Bring them home for an Italian feast this weekend

Italians don’t need much of an excuse to get together and share good food – they do it most days – but 2nd June is significant in the modern history of Italy as it commemorates when, in 1946, after the second world war and the downfall of fascism, Italians went to the polls to vote[…] 

Polenta Pie with Eggplant

Holey Moley, this is just the thing for a freeze-ball night. And it feeds a crowd, and reasonably cheaply, too. BUT there are a few steps to it and it's not the sort of thing to try and whip up at 6.00pm.    


This Week's Gastronomy News from denizen weekly

This Week's Gastronomy News
New in the CBD
New in the CBD
Serving their famed, Made from scratch pies, sandwiches and doughnuts, this popular bakery's new outpost is catering to our daytime cravings
New in the CBD
New in Ponsonby
New in Ponsonby
A new Pizzeria helmed by a New York native serves authentic handcrafted pizza pies
New in Ponsonby
Downtown Discovery
Downtown Discovery
Have you tried this enticing bistro which offers a fanciful menu of delicious fare?
Downtown Discovery

Digby Law’s Soup Cookbook

by Digby Law - Published by Hachette New Zealand

 09 June 2015  -  $29.99 RRP

Digby Law's recipes are loved and used in kitchens everywhere. This collection of over 300 soups, stocks, garnishes and accompaniments has all your favourites and more. From a classic borsch or bouillabaisse to the more exotic Turkish wedding soup, this is your one-stop reference for delicious and wholesome meals.

Digby Law was a chef, food writer and broadcaster whose cookery books helped change the way New Zealanders approached food and eating. With a passion for fresh ingredients and simple recipes his cookbooks deserve a place in every kitchen.
About The Author:
Digby didn't train to be a cook; he was self-taught and learnt by experience. His simple explanations of ingredients and methods enabled both new and experienced cooks to make his recipes with great success.

He began his working life as a Shipping Agent but after extensive travel to the UK and Europe, he returned to New Zealand and began writing a cookery column for a national magazine in 1970 and shortly afterwards began his home cooking classes. He lived at Beresford Street, Freemans Bay where I had the pleasure of attending one of his classes.

Digby was a food columnist for the Auckland Metro magazine, had a radio cooking programme and worked as a consultant for television and magazine commercials.
Sadly he died in 1987 aged just 51.

Now back in print by popular demand, this best-selling cookbook should be in every New Zealand kitchen

Weekend Out of Paris


Weekend Out of Paris
David, 2015-05-26 14:40

Citroen DS car
May is the month of holidays in France. There are eleven public holidays a year, called jours fériés, which we might call “bank holidays” in the United States. They’re official holidays/dates when government offices, schools, banks, and most stores are closed, except for a few supermarkets, convenience stores, and bakeries, which need to follow certain rules as to when they can close in the summer, so they’re not all closed at the same time and no one is without bread. Like October, May is also known as “strike season” – since so many people are traveling, strikers know they can make the biggest impact this month, so they often happen during this period. And if planned right, they can be scheduled next to holidays, so you can have a few days off in a row.
We’re not on strike around here, and no one would miss me if I was gone a few days. (Although I do dream about a strike, and will check my calendar after I finish writing this post.) But we needed a break right now and felt like it was a good weekend to take off, so take off we did, and headed out to our friend’s place out of town for a little r & r.
Weekend out of Paris
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