Sunday, October 22, 2017

Vegetables at their best


Vegetables at their best

Now is the time to start looking for edible bargains as the warm spring weather encourages leafy growth and the abundance of  vegetables sees prices drop. Although shopping habits are hard to break, having a fossick further afield could bring surprising results. Visit your local farmers' market, but go early, because the early bird gets the worm is never more true than at a farmers' market.
Ilaria found some cheap cucumbers – we've been avoiding buying them because they have been too pricey – and topped with kaffir lime leaves we had something delicious to go with pan-fried fish.
Cucumber Salad

 Have you ever grown fennel? I've discovered it is dead easy. It doesn't seem to attract many critters so doesn't need any bug deterrent, and as long as it gets a watering from time to time, it is easy to look after. Find a whole heap of tips here for growing and using the leaves, seeds, and bulbs and how to collect your own fennel pollen. Fennel pollen is wonderfully concentrated, and fortunately, because it is so expensive, just a pinch goes a long way. Harvesting your own is the way to go. Fennel

 I had a great weekend away in the Wairarapa and was impressed with the olive oils, meat products and fresh produce, and the buzzing cafés. Whoa! A true foodie spot worth visiting.Wairarapa
If you'd like a visit from me to do a private cooking class at your place, get in touch. I'd love to come!

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