Monday, March 18, 2013


Following the success of their 2010 cook book, Ripe Recipes, Angela Redfern and her talented team at Ripe have whipped up a fresh batch of recipes with their second book – 
Ripe Recipes - A Fresh Batch.

In the eleven years since Ripe first opened, the vibrant delicatessen has gained a reputation for creating healthy, delicious homemade style food using only free-farmed and free-range products and the best of local ingredients.
Ripe Recipes - A Fresh Batch is a collection of over 140 healthy-tasty recipes broken down into easy to follow sections, from finger food to ‘lunch faves’ and fresh salads packed with goodness though to scrumptious deli dinners and gooey decadent desserts. The book also features fun themed menus based on celebration days at the delicatessen, like Mexican day, Friday Pie day and Cheesecake day.
Angela, owner of Ripe Delicatessen, says “With A Fresh Batch we wanted to showcase how to create delicious food that’s healthy and tastes great with health benefits, without compromising on taste.”
This shines through in the salad section, which is bursting with flavour and health in equal proportions. Like the Ripe Red Quinoa salad studded with goji berries, which are sweet and tangy as well as high in antioxidants and vitamin C. The Ripe bakers have even managed to sneak some goodness into their baking with the surprisingly addictive Quinoa Fruit Cookies or the Orange and Lemon Polenta Loaves with chia seeds.
And if you’re not sure what goji berries or chia seeds are, you can look to the new “Nutrition Bites” section on most pages, which Nutritionist, Nellie Pigot has written. These handy, easy to read ‘bites’ of information highlight the health benefits of some of the ingredients included in the recipes.
But don’t fret you will still find plenty of decadent recipes in the latest book like the Pink Powder-Puff cake, covered with meringue or the luscious Lemony Slice with a melt-in-the mouth shortbread base. After all it’s all about balance!
With A Fresh Batch, Angela collaborated with head chef Pip Wylie and chef Amy Melchior to bring unique new flavours to the table. “The whole team at Ripe had a part to play. Some were even kind enough to let us include their secret family recipes in the book” Angela says.
The stunning photography captures the vibrant freshness of each recipe and once again Michelle Ineson has lent her creativity to the pages with whimsical pen and ink illustrations.
Written in Ripe’s signature easy to read and fun style, filled with quirky anecdotes and now new handy nutrition bites, Ripe Recipes - A Fresh Batch will appeal to all food lovers and will have even the most inexperienced cook creating simple, fabulous dishes that are nourishing for the soul and great for the
taste buds!
Beatnik Publishing - $59.99 - Publication April, 2013

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