Monday, March 11, 2013

The Perfect Meal

I am not really meant to review this yet as it is not published until April but let me just say that I am a great fan of John Baxter's writing. He is an Aussie who has lived in Paris for more than 20 years. He has some 16 books to his credit, all non-fction, including three acclaimed books of memoir, the last one I bought and read and loved while in Paris two years ago - The Most Beautiful Walk in the World - a Pedestrian in Paris.  Now here is his latest which I initially I intended to read on the plane flying to London this coming weekend, with the plan of perhaps a side-trip to Paris? 

However I dipped into it and there right on the first page was the name of my old friend, London-based antiquarian bookseller and writer Rick Gekoski. How could I not continue. I am now almost halfway through the book and being something of a foodie am finding it quite enchanting and totally entertaining.. It will be read before I leave NZ hence my early mention.

To quote from the back cover - Part grand tour of France, part history of French cuisine: an irresistible journey, from Paris to Provence, to find the "perfect meal".

A book for all who love France, a book for all foodies, a book for everyone.

Harper Perennial - NZ$24.99.  Publication April.

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