Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Luscious sandwich fillings, crunchy salad and spicy dal, something for everyone this week.

It's not spring yet ...even though yesterday felt like it in my neck of the woods! Father’s Day is coming our way this weekend, but you don’t have to be a dad to enjoy a sandwich stuffed full of gorgeousness. Haloumi sizzled in butter, crisp radish, sliced meat and chutney, mayo … yep, whatever you like, as long as it is fresh and well seasoned. It takes lunch to another level; in fact a sandwich like this is good enough for dinner! Dad's Sandwich But before Sunday, I’ve got a gig at Farro Fresh Grey Lynn this Saturday. I’ll be cooking up the lovely Leelands Lamb leg recipe I featured the other week. The lamb is superb ­ – in fact when I served it last weekend to a crowd of Aussies, it was so tender they thought it was beef. I’ll be at Farro’s with Bill French from Leelands. He’s the farmer who grew the sheep in Southland, and he’s bringing up the lamb to Farro’s and I’m cooking it alongside him. I like to know where my food comes from, and I reckon you can’t get more traceable than that. The Leelands story If you are in Auckland, call in and say hi, and try some spicy little lamb koftas and a slice of the delicious lamb with fresh caper salsa while you go about your shopping. I’ll be really happy to meet you, especially if you follow Shared Kitchen, and to have a chat. Nice. Butterflied Leg of Lamb with Caper Salsa Never say never. Yesterday was so beautiful I kidded myself that spring was coming. Hopes were dashed this morning. So we’ve got cross-over food today: Ilaria’s made a warming pot of dal – it’s an inexpensive way to feed a heap of people – and I’ve kept it all pink with an interesting salad full of crunchy bits, juiciness, salty bites and a sweet and sour dressing. I could eat a huge bowl of it (okay, I did, I consumed the WHOLE lot … well, there was no one else here and I didn’t want it to go to waste). You might find it equally as addictive. Ilaria's Spicy Tomato DalPink Salad I’ve also posted some new dates for classes. And it will be spring by the time they come around. Yay! There is only one date in September, the 30th, and a repeat of the class the following day, 1st October, so don’t dilly-dally if you are keen. Spring Cooking Classes Remember that you can book private cooking classes, just get a group together, decide on a theme, and away we go. And, with Christmas coming up, keep in mind that we can do cooking classes or food events for small numbers here, or at your home or accommodation on Waiheke, or in hired venues. This is great for corporate groups, and we can combine wine tastings, perfume making, garden foraging, all sorts of things, to give your group a fab day on Waiheke. If you’re trying to nut out something to do to celebrate the end of the year, let’s chat and come up with a plan. The rain has eased, I’ve got to get this posted, then I’m headed straight to a bowl of steaming dal. Nice one Ilaria! Happy cooking Julie

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