Thursday, August 3, 2017

Bachir Ice Cream


Bachir Ice Cream
David, 03 Aug

Two things have surprised me recently*. One is the sudden surge of small-scale ice cream shops that have opened in Paris. Which means my ship has definitely passed on opening my own place as others got to it first. Shops like Senoble, Glaces Glazed, Une Glace à Paris, Sucre Glace, and La Paleteria are churning out ice cream across Paris, some even staying open in the evening which is great, because I like to stroll around with a cone of ice cream on a summer night after dinner, but most places in town traditionally closed up at 8pm.
The second thing that surprised me was coming upon Bachir, a Lebanese ice cream shop in Paris, when I was in Les Halles a few days ago.
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