Wednesday, August 16, 2017

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The True Crime Genre Has Gone Upscale And Literary. Is It An Improvement?

“Not for them the tabloid gusto of the genre’s doyenne, Ann Rule (“The stalking, predatory animal cuts the weakest from the pack, and then kills at his leisure,” The Stranger Beside Me).They’re more likely to follow the lead of one of the first post-Serial memoirists to wrap a crime story in her own enveloping subjectivity, Amy Butcher, author of 2015’s Visiting Hours: A Memoir of Friendship and Murder.”


How Brick And Mortar Bookstores Are Competing With Online

“In reality, a bookstore is a really unique kind of space where people from different walks of life can cross paths. I mean, it’s a very sort of democratic kind of product, and it’s kind of a space where people can come in and start to have conversations. And that’s the kind of space we want to be.”

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