Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bill's Italian Food

With more than 100 original recipes, BILL'S ITALIAN FOOD takes inspiration from the diversity of Italian regional food to make the most of fresh seasonal produce. Concentrating on simple, flavoursome dishes with short ingredient lists and uncomplicated methods, the recipes in this book are divided by solution-driven chapters that embody Bill's casual cooking and his spirit of generosity and sharing--approaches that perfectly reflect the Italian lifestyle.
On my occasional visits to Sydney I never miss visiting one of the three Bill's, I am a fan and so it is a joy to have another of his wonderful books to add to my collection. So far from this new title I have only made the braised broad beans and pancetta on toast, a gorgeous Sunday brunch; next will be his roast chicken, saffron, lemon and chilli.

 "As our pace of life gets ever faster and cooking for friends and family takes on the same hectic anxiety, why is it that a holiday in Italy sends me home optimistic, revitalised and striving to be a 'little bit more Italian'? It can't be simply the great coffee (although that's certainly revitalising), the crisp pizza and fritto misto, or the antipasto platters shared under wide blue skies... There is something about the joyfully uncompromising Italian lifestyle, the stubborn refusal to hurry (over lunch, or to catch the autobus), and the sacrosanct importance of sitting down to dine with family that I always resolve to bring home to my kitchen. (And, of course, the golden rule of travel applies: never mention politics, money or sport. Stick to food -- in Italy it's always a winner.)"
Bill Granger

About the Author:

Bill Granger, restaurateur, food writer, television chef and ‘egg master of Sydney’ (The NEW YORK TIMES) is a self-taught cook and busy father whose joyful approach to cooking and real-life experience in a domestic kitchen guarantee his enduring popularity. Bill’s recipes echo the simply prepared, produce-driven food found in his celebrated restaurants. The original bills opened in inner-city Sydney in 1993. He is author of many cookbooks (this is his 11th!) and his television series, Bill's Food and Bill's Holiday, have charmed audiences worldwide.

In the August 2013 issue of TASTE (New Zealand) there is a four page feature on this book including a number of recipes.

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