Friday, August 16, 2013

Me and my cookbooks

Eat Your Books 

At a time when the press relentlessly insists that no one is interested in cooking at home anymore, there is great joy in realizing that there are many others ( EYB members) who enjoy the creativity and pleasure of sharing good food. So we wanted to celebrate our members by regularly publishing vignettes about members and their cookbooks.
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Sue's Cookbooks
Our featured member this month is Sue Jimenez  from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

 Sue started collecting books at the age of 17 and hasn't stopped yet. Recently, when she had just bought another box of books, her husband commented that she had to have more books than anyone and should try for the Guinness Book of World Records.

So Sue "got on the Guinness site and sure enough, somebody named Betsy Ross McKay somewhere in the U.S. had, in 2011, 1125 cookbooks.  So I said, I've got that many, I can do this." Sue invited two friends over to count and ended up a total of with 3,231 - too many to even include in the photo. And she has now submitted her application to Guinness.

As Sue very sagely put it, "It's like you can't win the lottery if you don't buy a ticket! " Of course, she realizes there may be others with more books - in that case she has thrown down the gauntlet, "let the games begin! "
And we should note that Sue has an excellent security system for her books; Tux the cat doesn't look like he'll let anyone near.

cookbooks with Tux 

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