Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thrifty mayor is kitchen star

By Jamie Morton

New Zealand Herald Friday Aug 9, 2013
Supermarket specials on menu in Gisborne with nightly recipes shared on Facebook

Meng Foon loves food. So much so that the Gisborne mayor has taken to posting on Facebook pictures of nearly every dinner he cooks, complete with commentary.
One night there was fried cabbage with thinly sliced beef, steamed rice and mushrooms separately seasoned with oyster and soy sauce.
Another night showed leftover chicken with mushroom, potatoes and "Popeye food" - spinach.
"My boil-up for tomorrow ... pork pieces with Chinese winter melon ... yummy in my tummy," he posted a few days ago.

But the true beauty of his creations is that everything is made on a shoestring budget, with costs listed.
His special stir-fried chow mein beef broccoli noodles served three people for $3.50 each.
Pan-fried chicken and beans with scallop potatoes? Just $5.
"Whatever's on special at the butcher's or the supermarket dictates what I'm going to be eating that day," he said yesterday.
"Most of my meals are $3 to $5 a person. But if I can get four lamb shanks in Gisborne for $10, that's pretty good value."


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