Thursday, May 18, 2017



David, 18 May

Decades ago, there was a fresh crumpet shop in San Francisco. I don’t remember the name of the shop* (in searching for it, I came across Crown & Crumpet, which opened a few years back), but it was out in the avenues and each half-dozen package of crumpets had a paper label tucked inside with the name of the shop on it. Once you collected enough labels (maybe it was ten?), you could turn them in for a free bag of crumpets.

Needless to say, that prompted me to eat a lot of crumpets. I ate them for breakfast, and whenever else I could fit one in (in my race to gain a free bag of crumpets), with a pat of butter melting on top, which filled the little holes that riddled the surface with sunny, golden pools, and a spoonful of berry jam, mingling with the warm butter.
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