Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A warming pasta dish with chorizo

There are two ways to spice up your life this week: a warming pasta dish with chorizo and a spicy chorizo sprinkle on top of a roasted capsicum and butternut soup. Bring it on!

Orange is the new black!Yep, we’ve got lots of warming food with a predominance of orange this week!
The sun may be shining somewhere, but most of the country today will be wet and the sky hung with grey cloud. All pretty blah. But orange food makes you feel happy! It’s bright, warming, spicy, homely. So get into the kitchen some time today and get cooking.
Ilaria’s turned roasted capsicums (red peppers) and butternut pumpkin into a deep orange soup. A shower of spicy chorizo brings it alive, and this is a great idea you could try with other soups, too. Alongside, a stack of feta toasties dusted with smoked paprika. Now you know that is all going to taste good together.
Ilaria's soup
There seemed to be a bit of spare chorizo around so I made a pasta dish with a hunky tomato sauce, threaded through some cavolo nero and topped it with fried chorizo. Warming, filling and satisfying, and a perfect mid-week meal. Pasta with Chorizo Sausage & Cavolo Nero
Mandarins are plentiful at the moment and I love them in a salad. I’ve brought up one of my faves from last winter, using chopped Brussels sprouts. Weird? Nah. I’d never put anything weird on Shared Kitchen (of course, that depends on your taste!). You should give this one a go – even Brussels sprouts haters enjoy it. Brussels Sprouts & Mandarin Salad

And have you got yourself sorted for Queen’s Birthday weekend yet? I’ve joined up with the lovely new owners of
Te Whau Lodge on Waiheke Island and I’ll be hosting a sumptuous 5-course dinner at the lodge on Saturday 3rd June with options for a foodie tour and cooking class at my house on the Sunday. It’ll be an amazing 2 days, relaxing, full of delicious food and wines and staying at the gorgeous lodge. For details phone Te Whau Lodge direct 09 372-2288.
Have a great week, stay warm and get those pots bubbling!

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