Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Shared Kitchen - Favourite breakfast dishes

Ilaria and I prep our favourite breakfast dishes.

A good start to the day With nippy mornings set to continue for the next few months we're up for starting the day with bigger breakfasts. Yeah! Mornings on the run with a cuppa and slice of toast just won't cut it around here. We need food! We need fuel! Oats, nuts, yoghurt and fruit are all good to ward off winter chills. Look no further than this great line up of Bircher muesli, homemade toasted muesli, sometimes called granola, yoghurt and fruit.
Bircher muesli is a blessing because it HAS to be made the night before. I like a sharp tart apple and a good squeeze or three of lemon juice in mine because I prefer tart to sweet, but you can adjust sweetness by adding a drizzle of maple syrup or honey. If you don't know the virtues of maple syrup, read here.
Maple Syrup
Talking of tart flavours, tamarillos can be tart, chalky and bitter, but a little sugar transforms them. Sprinkled with brown sugar and steeped overnight, they will ooze a gorgeous crimson juice, forming a compote by morning. Fabulous! Sugared Tamarillos 
You can layer them up in a glass with yoghurt, adding muesli if you like, for a smart look.
Tamarillo Verrines

And what about toasted muesli? Those boxes you buy at the supermarket not only cost a fortune but are often loaded with sugar, BUT (yes, have to make it a big BUT) toasted muesli without enough sugar is pretty dull. Finding the right amount that works for you is crucial. Follow our recipe here and you will have a super-food, full of nuts and seeds and oats. Hey, but don't get addicted to it – it's for breakfast, not a daytime snack (speaking from experience!). I can't guarantee that it will be that much cheaper than commercially prepared muesli, but it's what is in it that will make the difference: fresh nuts, and heaps of them, a good range of seeds and no shrivelled up sugary-sweet pieces of dried fruit and cheaper puffed grains. It's a joy to eat. Our Toasted Muesli

I've got more details of our fabulous weekend at Te Whau Lodge, and you can check it out here. Te Whau Lodge Queen's Birthday Weekend or email me for more details. julie@sharedkitchen.co.nz

Cooking Classes – just a few spaces left on the fabulous Spanish class 10th June.
Keep warm – the kitchen is the best place to be on chilly days (and evenings) I reckon!

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