Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Smoked Fish Hash cakes for mid week dinner? Yes! Filling, tasty and easy to make.



Eating Seasonally

This email is going to be short and to the point ‘cause I am up to my eyeballs cooking for the Waiheke Garden Festival’s Garden Party this Sunday (got your tickets yet? … Don’t worry about the rain, it’s passing on through and just saves us having to water the gardens to make them sparkle for you!).http://sharedkitchen.co.nz/2017/11/waiheke-garden-festival-2017-get/

So … have you got mint in your garden or in a pot plant, looking all lush and lovely? Use it – or lose it. Summer rust is just a breath away.
Include tangelos in your diet because they are in season and the juiciest tangiest flavour hit ever – juice them in the morning, or add to a savoury salad with broad beans and feta (absolutely yummy), or cube tangelo segments and toss with sliced strawberries and mint, and whammo, you have a beautiful healthy bowl of spring goodness.
Broad Bean & Tangelo Salad

Have you remembered what a tangelo is? No, silly, not a cross between an orange and a lemon. Come on, you better read up about them again …

And broad beans … get them in your diet not just because they look great, feel all sort of slippery and sexy in your mouth, but because they have a decent whack of protein (about 25%) and good amounts of vitamins and minerals, and fibre, too. Read up about them here
Broad Beans

Oh, one last thing, have you seen these cutsey bundles of garlic in a shop near you?
Garlic An Update
Well, read the back label! Any TRIMMED garlic sold in New Zealand is NOT New Zealand-grown garlic, but is imported. AND most TRIMMED garlic is from China. Now why would you buy a bundle of Chinese garlic when the season for fresh locally grown garlic is nearly upon us. Just buy single korms (heads) of Californian garlic for the moment, and bide your time. Ours is a’comin’. You can read into this what you will, but all I will say is I am a HUGE supporter of locally grown food. I trust it. It’s traceable. It keeps Kiwis in jobs. It’s a tiny footstep to transport it around our islands.
 ‘Nough said.
Have a good one


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