Tuesday, April 30, 2013

new opening: the food truck garage

Denizen checks out an inner-city dining destination committed to a healthy fast food experience.

Our city’s newest gastronomic offering was born, quite literally in the back of a truck. A product of the popular Food Truck TV series that followed Chef Michael Van de Elzen’s quest to reinvent fast food, the Food Truck Garage showcases Van de Elzen’s favourite dishes, as he deconstructs and reinvents fast food, making it healthy, fresh and affordable. No doubt this notion will lure in health conscious foodies from around Auckland, who struggle to keep their indulgences in check.

Nestled among the concrete jungle that is City Works, The Food Truck Garage is largely industrial in décor, boasting a airy and bright main dining area thanks to an impressive glass and steel retractable garage door, which opens up the space into the City Works central courtyard. A collection of high bar tables, larger tables for more boisterous company and intimate corner tables comprise the space, while outside next to the iconic 1970s Bedford Food Truck sit shared picnic tables and a few brightly painted steel drums where feijoa, passionfruit, chilli, blueberries and an array of herbs are on hand for use in the eateries dishes.


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