Thursday, April 4, 2013

Publisher releases innovative digital cookbook and parenting series

A series of mini cookbooks and mini parenting books designed especially for the ebook environment is being launched today by Random House New Zealand.

The first four in what will be an ongoing series of standalone, ten-recipe cookbooks are by some of New Zealand’s best known chefs and foodwriters, all of whom are published by Random House.

“We are very excited about this project,” says Random House New Zealand publishing director Nicola Legat. “ You will never beat the glory of a well-published printed cookbook, but we’re very aware that lots of New Zealanders do like to look for recipes online when they are searching for meal solutions.

“As New Zealand’s leading publisher of cookbooks we’ve naturally got a treasure trove of recipes so we decided to package them up in tightly-themed, small collections to make looking for recipe ideas more simple.”

The authors involved in the first stage of the project are Jo Seagar with baking recipes, Michael Van de Elzen with small plates recipes, Helen Jackson with family meal recipes and Joan Bishop with crockpot and slow cooker recipes.

In addition Random House is also publishing five ebooks in what will become an extensive Parenting Tips series.  The series topics are sleep, crying, exercise and brain development, toilet training, postnatal depression and bullying, and are distilled from the bestselling books by leading parenting authors  Diane Levy, Kathy Fray and Sophie Foster.

“We are enjoying working with our authors in this new digital environment,” says Nicola Legat. “ And it’s exciting to think that because these books are available internationally, someone  in Wisconsin or Frankfurt may be sitting down to a dinner created with recipes from New Zealand chefs or responding to a parenting issue by seeking the advice of one of New Zealand’s parenting experts. ”

Apologies for the lack of cover illustrations. While away in Europe (presently in Stockholm) my picture file has "broken down" and I am having difficulty placing illustrations. I will add them when I get back to NZ and have the problem sorted.

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