Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Newleyweds and Egg and Potato Curry

 02 Jun 2013  - bookcooker

April got away from me, and then May has too.   Blogging has taken a back seat to other things, and I hope that soon my blogging focus will be reignited.  I am not sure of this exact cause of lagging blogging, but work has certainly been a big part of it.  I have working on one of those cases that is running on a fast track, so it has been intense so by the end of the day it takes a lot out of me.  

I have also been in a bit of a reading rut, I have been working on Richard Ford's Canada for about a month now, and have refused to give up on it even though it hasn't really caught my attention, I am taking it on the plane with me today on a quick trip to New Orleans, and if I am not engrossed after the flight, I may just throw in the towel. [Note: that was several weeks ago, I did end up abandoning the book but hope to pick it up and try again]  A book which did catch my attention however was Nell Freudenberger's The Newleyweds.
The novel tells the story of a marriage born of the internet age  - a young Bangladeshi woman, Amina,  and almost middle aged IT guy from Rochester, George.  The two meet over the internet - through a website called  Not a romantic start, and this is not a romantic novel.   The Newlyweds is an affecting portrait of a woman struggling between two cultures and trying to define her life's path for herself. 

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