Monday, July 18, 2016

Jamie Oliver's Super Food Family Classics

Super Food Family Classics
Jamie Oliver

Global Release 14 July
Penguin, Michael Joseph
Hardcover - RRP NZ$65.00
After his hugely successful Everyday Super Food, Jamie is back with Super Food Family
Classics, bringing exciting healthy eating into the heart of the home for the whole family.
Family means different things for many people, particularly when it comes to food. For
Jamie, it’s about food that’s cosy, comforting and made for sharing, but often that means
food that’s not good for you. Well, no more!

All the recipes in the book have ‘come down’ through the rigorous testing of the Oliver family.
Jamie says: ‘We have a lot of different ages to please at mealtimes in our house. Some
recipes in the book are great for the entire family, but you’ll also find inspiration for what to
feed young children and more discerning teens, and other recipes are more me and Jools

In Super Food Family Classics, Jamie has taken a whole host of much-loved classic
comfort food dishes and ultimate family favourites and cooked, rewritten, tested and edited
them to guarantee they are not only super-delicious, but are also totally balanced and align
with Jamie’s super-food philosophy.


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