Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Saveur Blog Awards

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Jack Frost and his nippy mates have been hanging around the country lately making the kitchen a decidedly attractive place to be. Stews, soups and roasts are great options, as are big trays of roasted vegetables that can be finished off with tangy dressings, or my favourite way, with a caper dressing and slabs of pan-fried haloumi. It’s extraordinarily good!

 I’m also covering off
celeriac this week. I’ve held back waiting for it to come down in price but with a bit of luck you may snag a bargain at your local farmers’ market. It’s an interesting vegetable, ugly as anything, with a flavour that’s milder than celery, especially when eaten raw, though it becomes more pronounced when cooked, There’s heaps you can do with celeriac, but one of the best ways I reckon is serving it as a mash topped with crispy little nuggets of bacon. And it teams nicely with beetroot and walnuts.

This week is the final week to vote in the Saveur Blog Awards. These annual awards recognize outstanding food content from around the world and across the web and celebrate the work of bloggers, cooks and photographers who inspire their followers to get in the kitchen and cook, and from food writers and photographers who tell great stories illustrating them with amazing images.
You are most welcome to nominate Shared Kitchen. In fact, I’d be delighted if you did!
For more information, and to nominate, go to:

But you have to get cracking as the awards close off 18th July.
In other words, do it now in case you forget.
If you have not done this sort of thing before, I have it fully explained on the Home Page 
Also, you can enter as many times as you want!!! So, the more the merrier. Thanks in advance for voting!
And have a great week in the kitchen

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