Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie Bars


Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie Bars
David, 08 Nov

I love cookies. If there is a selection of cookies on a dessert menu, I always will order it. I’ve been to cookie shops from Beirut to Bushwick, nibbling my way through chewy chocolate chip cookies, macarons, buttery sablés, and snappy ginger cookies, whenever I can. Even Parisians get in on the act by dubbing chocolate chip cookies, les cookies, perhaps because they are the classic example of a cookie, so there’s no need to over-explain them. Un cookie is a chocolate chip cookie.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar recipeThe French love cookies, almost as much as they like categorizing things, so a sablé wouldn’t be a cookie, it’s a sablé. Petite galette, biscuit, or petit gâteau are other terms used to describe cookies, but not necessarily cookies. Americans have different terms for cookies, too, from shortbreads to snickerdoodles, and many of them are well-represented in Dorie’s Cookies, a generous, international collection of bars, cookies, biscotti and brownies.

The latest book from Dorie Greenspan is an eye-catching collection of her favorite cookies. With a bold design, each cookie is photographed and explained, with notes on how to vary the recipe in sidebars called “Playing Around,” written in Dorie’s always helpful, encouraging, voice.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar recipeI gathered all the ingredients to make Torta sbrisolona, a crumbly Italian “cookie” made with almonds and cornmeal, broken into pieces and best served with coffee, and was intrigued to see that she updated her famous World Peace Cookies, inspired by Parisian pastry chef Pierre Hermé. But the Cast-Iron Pan Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars looked like they really needed to be made. So I did.

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