Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Pulled pork, Pulled Pork, what 5 hours? Yep! Worth it though.


First Crush

This past week has seen the main olive harvest draw to a close on Waiheke Island. The olive harvest is always a time for celebration as the olives are gathered and pressed, the fruity fragrance filling the air around the estate, and the anticipation of tasting the first crush mounts.
I visited
Rangihoua Estate many times during the harvest for any excuse I could think of, quietly checking the olives coming in, sniffing in the deep fruity aroma during crushing and generally hanging around hoping for a taste. Well, they are my Rocky Bay neighbours and I was just being neighbourly!
Check out how the harvest is carried out – you may be surprised that it is done manually not by machine, apart from harvesting rakes, and at how physical it is.
Olive Harvest         Liquid Gold
Are there pigs on Waiheke? No, no, not the human kind (there are plenty of them!). I mean the trottered snouty type. Read and find out about our harvest feast. It was seriously good! Harvest Feast
In case you can’t spit roast a beast at your place, I’ve put up a recipe for pulled pork (featured this time last year; don’t forget to check the recipe archives in Recently Posted for more inspiration). It’s the stuff of dreams: succulent and tender with a spicy crust. Bring on Sunday and have your own family feast. Pulled Pork

I’ve also posted an easy Spanish inspired rice pudding. It’s decadently rich and creamy, scented with orange blossom and cinnamon, and the acid tang from a squirt of passion fruit balances it perfectly. Definitely worth a try.
Creamy Rice Pudding
Don’t forget the special on cooking classes running through the month of July. This could be just the thing to do with a bunch of friends, or a group of work colleagues. Forget the woes of the week and head on over to Waiheke. Get a taste of our stunning just crushed oils while you are at it, and a whole heap of other delicious comestibles to be found only here. Cooking Classes on Waiheke
Have a great week

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