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Cranberry Raisin Pie


Cranberry Raisin Pie recipeCranberry Raisin Pie
David, 2014-12-10 

At first, I thought that I was a little late to the party, posting a cranberry recipe after Thanksgiving had passed. Then I realized that now may be the actual best time to post a cranberry recipe since after Thanksgiving there is usually a glut of cranberries on the market, and prices drop after the Thanksgiving. Well, at least in America.
Cranberry Raisin PieI was fortunate because although you can find fresh cranberries in Paris around Thanksgiving (for les Américains, and with a little searching), they’re very costly. And even after the fête, they don’t discount them since the sellers don’t quite realize that the stress of having to find fresh cranberries is not longer an issue once Thanksgiving has passed. And most of us tend to forget about them. However I love cranberries and hoard them whenever I find them at a reasonable price.
Cranberry Raisin Pie
Like last year, as a fluke, I was at a supermarket and saw baskets for only €1 each, about $1.25. (Marked down from €6 each, or — gulp — $9 a basket.) So I swooped down, and bought them all. And for the holidays this year, I had a freezerload of fresh cranberries at my disposal.
Cranberry Raisin PieA few weeks ago, a reader contacted me, asking whatever happened to the cranberry-raisin pie recipe on my blog. I did a search and, indeed, the recipe was gone. When I moved the site to a real blogging platform around 2004, the old pages from my “blog” (which back then was simply a website that I updated as much I could, before I knew what a blog was), couldn’t be moved over. So like the proverbial dog eating someone’s homework, I could say that the internet ate it.
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