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Vineyard Virgins by Kim Goldwater

Vineyard Virgins
by Kim Goldwater
Putiki Press -$44.95

Kim and Jeanette Goldwater are foremost among New Zealand’s pioneer wine producers. After graduating from Auckland University with a degree in Civil Engineering and working internationally for several years, Kim’s passion for wine, initially stimulated by living and working in Spain, caused him to change careers and establish a fine wine enterprise on a remote little antipodean island called Waiheke.

When they planted their first tiny vineyard on a couple of hillside acres on that magical little island, just 15 miles east of Auckland City, all the leading experts warned them that grapes would not grow in that inclement, salt laden island environment. However, they ignored that expert advice and went on to produce wines which soon gained world-wide recognition.

And not only from Waiheke Island. After expanding their winegrowing operation into Marlborough and the Hawkes Bay, where they established new vineyards, they produced award winning wines from these regions as well.

After selling their wine company to American billionaire, Bill Foley, and gifting their iconic Waiheke Island vineyard to the University of Auckland for it’s Wine Science Program, the Goldwaters are now retired from active involvement in the wine industry. 

Kim (left with Jeanette) has spent the past couple of years writing his memoir, Vineyard Virgins. In this story, Kim relates just how this couple of ingenuous but passionate Kiwi battlers succeeded in creating a world renowned pioneer winegrowing enterprise on that remote little antipodean island and later expanding this enterprise into Marlborough and the Hawks Bay. He captures the passion, optimism and determination in overcoming the numerous obstacles thrown in their path, not only by the vagaries of the weather, but also by the experts and the bureaucracy. That they succeed in their wine endeavour - against all odds - is the stuff of dreams...

Published by Putiki Press Ltd, PO Box 586, Waiheke Island

Trade Distribution - David Bateman

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