Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookies


Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookies
David, 15 Feb

Ultra-delicious Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookie recipe packed with chocolate

I often get asked when I put pictures of things that I’m baking on social media, “Where can I find that recipe?” or less-delicately, “Recipe…puleeeze!!!” The appetite for recipes is voracious and thankfully, I’ve got hundreds of them here on the blog, as well as in the books I’ve written. I’ve never counted, but I’d venture to say I’ve got nearly a thousand recipes out there. (And I’m including the ones in the two books I’m working on at the moment, simultaneously, which explains my odd behavior these days.)

Websites go down, and books go out of print, which happened with my first two books. But I was fortunate to be able to resurrect them in Ready for Dessert, a compilation of recipes from those first two books, as well as additional recipes that have become my favorites over the years.
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