Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Get some flavour in there ...


Get some flavour in there ... There’s nothing more disappointing after cooking up a storm then having a taste and thinking, ‘mehhhh it needs something else’. When food tastes a bit flat and you are sure it’s not lacking salt, a few squirts of lemon or lime will brighten it, and a jab of chilli will perk it up …  but sometimes you need more, a deeper layer of flavour. That’s when you reach for the allspice. Yep, allspice can be your secret weapon in savoury dishes. Do you know what it is? A bit of this and a bit of that? Nope. Check it out here. Allspice

This week I’ve got some cute little lamb burgers – I like smaller versions made in slider buns, but up to you what size you make. And I’ve brought back one of my fave ways with lamb, chargrilled and served with summer vegetables … And that’s because today is New Zealand’s National Lamb Day. There’s no need to repeat myself from last year, but if you aren’t up with what National Lamb Day is all about, a quick flick through here will get you up to speed.
Feeling Sheepish
Along with allspice, I’ve added feta and red wine to the lamb patties for the burgers and it gives them a tasty boost. Lamb & Eggplant Burgers

March Cooking Classes are now posted, and this time I’m travelling the shores of the Mediterranean and digging a bit deeper into the exotic using freekeh, sumac and saffron, pomegranate molasses and labna. These will be popular classes so don’t leave it too long if you are interested in coming along. March is a gorgeous time to visit Waiheke because the water is so warm, the weather settled and most of the tourists have gone!
Late Summer Cooking Classes
There are still a few spots left in February classes and you can check availability for these here February Cooking Classes
 Ilaria set foot in the kitchen last week to make something sweet. She doesn’t have a huge sweet tooth, but she’s partial to Sticky Lemon Slice, and she’s not alone; everyone I know loves it. In fact, it appeared in café menus all around New Zealand after I first published it in the late 1990s. It’s the kind of thing that works perfectly with a pot of hot tea and I bet you won’t stick to one slice, but as Ilaria found out, eat too much and you need a big lie down after. Recipe Sticky Lemon Slice

Apologies for the lateness of today’s posting … much has been happening in this neck of the woods, but we’ll be on track again next week. Have a good one, and get cooking!

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