Friday, February 10, 2017

Liza Restaurant, Lebanese Food in Paris


Liza Restaurant, Lebanese Food in Paris
David, 10 Feb

Where does the time go? When people used to say that, I thought they were being overly dramatic. Or worse, meant that I was getting older at a faster clip than I thought. But what I think it means, for all of us, is that life used to roll along at a more leisurely clip, but nowadays, I wake up and find another year has passed. M
Last year, which admittedly, was only a few weeks ago, I had dinner at Liza. A modern space in Paris, a few blocks from the stoic bourse (the stock exchange, but which also refers to the sack holding the “family jewels” of a bull), Liza is an outpost of a restaurant in Beirut, a city I’ve been fortunate enough to eat in, which I did like a velociraptor.

Middle Eastern food is something I can eat morning, noon, and night (and if I ever became one of those people that sleepwalks and eats in their sleep, I’d be eating Middle Eastern food in the deepest recesses of the evening), and if you’ve had a Middle Eastern breakfast, you know what I mean. It’s usually a copious spread of just-baked flatbreads, savory spreads, thick, glossy olive oil, cubes of salty cheese, pickled walnuts, olives, eggs, onions, tomatoes, tons of fresh herbs, hot sauce to dab on everything, etc., I’m going to stop, because I’ll run out of bandwidth if I continue to list everything that’s heaped on tables in front of you. And that’s just for breakfast.

I also like the style of eating, which is often called “grazing,” which sounds like a bunch of four-legged animals wandering through a field, taking bites of flowers between the weeds and grass. The way I do it makes you understand why raptors went extinct: I’m dangerous to be around, and if something gets between me and the food, beware of the consequences.


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