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Here is but part of the always interesting East Your Books Newsletter. Details below on how to join.

Lunch BoxBanh MiThis month's Cookbook roundup introduces 17 new books that have just been published in the United States, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand. Plus Susie opines on the hot trends for the month - cake decorating, anti-wheat books, stir-fries, and smoothies. Check out all the new arrivals.
Jane in front of her cookbooksAt a time when the press relentlessly insists that no one is interested in cooking at home anymore, there is great joy in realizing that there are many others (like EYB members) who enjoy the creativity and pleasure of sharing good food. So we wanted to celebrate our members with a new feature - publishing vignettes about members and their cookbooks. We're starting with one of our own - Jane Kelly, an EYB co-founder. Discover Jane's cookbooks here.
We love lists of favorites - and we're betting our members do too. Here are some items that have excited our members:
Panzanella on a StickTop 5 Facebook recipes:
Eat Your Books logoQuestions, suggestions, feedback, comments - we love hearing from you. Please help us continue to make EYB the very best it can be: contact us at or post a note on the Forum.
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