Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wineries of Australia

Wineries of Australia explores the glorious diversity of regions, grapes and processes that exist in the Aussie wine industry. Taking you to the homes of some of Australia’s world-renown labels, as well as unearthing some lesser known gems, this beautiful softcover book makes one thing clear: there is no archetypal Australian winery. 
From lush green pastures to sparse golden fields that are set in deep valleys or atop ocean-side cliffs, it isbe easy  to lose yourself in this visual guide to Australia’s myriad wine districts. 

Organised by state and region, this book provides a glimpse of the diverse and dramatic natural beauty that the country has to offer. The book explores the history, climate, topography and cultivars of each winery visited. 

Specifics about the terroir, the winery’s established labels and output are provided while biographies of the winemakers are  included to provide an insight into the people behind the wine.

 Wineries of Australia is ideal for the coffee table and offers a comprehensive and tantalising tour of some of the best wineries in the country.

Author - Emma Peacock
210 x 270 mm - 176 Pages
Full Colour Throughout
ISBN 9780987265685

Abode Publishing (Thames & Hudson)
Price NZ $39.95

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