Friday, July 12, 2013

SPICE KITCHEN - From the Ganges to Goa: fresh Indian cuisine to make at home

I found this one at UBS Canterbury while I was at the Booksellers Conference in Christchurch last week ! Another one  from the house of Hardie Grant Books, that Aussie/English publishing house that must rank as one of the world's leading publishers of cookbooks.
Of course I hardly need another Indian cookbook but after spending half an hour reading it in that fine bookstore I just couldn't leave for Auckland without it ! Spice Kitchen by the way is a leading Indian cuisine restaurant in Adelaide. I need to find an excuse to visit that city again so I can visit this establishment.

The book is filled with what seem to be simple and authentic recipes with an emphasis on regional dishes and Indian street food. It is a fresh, bright and beautifully designed cookbook that is divided into chapters according to ingredients - fish, poultry, meat and vegetables with additional sections for starters and accompaniments, along with side dishes and desserts.

There is also a basics section for spice blends and breads as well as a glossary for the less initiated. Recipes include the apparently much loved dishes from The Spice Kitchen restaurant including Roasted lamb shank masala, Pork belly ribs with curry leaves (can't wait to make this one), coconut and tomato and Twice-cooked fish jhalferazie as well as more traditional recipes for chutneys, pakoras, and dal. 

Delicious looking desserts such as halvas, kulfis and pancakes are also included. With an emphasis on authentic dishes that are easy to recreate at home Spice Kitchen you can understand why the book was a must have for me being a lover of Indian cuisine.

Ragini Dey
Hardie Grant Books - $50.00

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