Monday, November 3, 2014

Party Cakes

Gourmet Traveller

Everyone needs an awe-inspiring dessert to roll out towards the end of a celebration. Check out our collection of party cakes, including a towering choc-coconut macaroon cake, a citrusy blood orange and hazelnut cake, and a walnut and espresso cake sure to satisfy the coffee lovers.

Plus, cocktail recipes for party season; Brisbane's best new hotels; our last Gourmet Institute of the year; sure-fire beignets; and your chance to score one of five double passes to So Frenchy So Chic in Melbourne and Sydney, or a selection of wines from Howard Vineyard.

Happy eating,

Anthea Loucas and the team at Gourmet Traveller

Beetroot salad with savoury granola
Prawn rolls
Smoky pork shoulder with Lexington barbecue sauce
Overnight rye waffles with pâté, Port jelly and cornichons
Buttermilk waffles with cured ocean trout and fennel salad
Wholemeal waffles with baked beans, chorizo and egg

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