Monday, November 17, 2014

The 'Moosewood Cookbook' Turns 40 & other cookbook news from PW

The 'Moosewood Cookbook' Turns 40
Mollie Katzen, author of the groundbreaking 'Moosewood Cookbook,' one of the bestselling cookbooks of all time, recalls her early collaboration with Ten Speed Press, which just released a 40th anniversary edition of the seminal vegetarian cookbook. MORE 

From the yearly recipe compilation edited by the folks at 'Southern Living,' to a host of books to jumpstart New Year's resolutions, here are 10 December cookbooks to watch out for. MORE 

Behind the Cookbook Bestsellers: October 2014
In October, blog-to-book titles trailed Ina Garten, aka the Barefoot Contessa, who topped the list with her ninth effort, 'Make it Ahead.' MORE 


Make Ahead Bread
When leisurely hours in the kitchen aren’t a reality, home bakers can take refuge in Cookistry blogger Currie’s collection of make-ahead breads, including loaves, buns, breadsticks, flatbreads, croissants, pizzas, and Danish pastry. 

Saveur: The New Classics Cookbook
The editors of food magazine 'Saveur' deliver a cookbook cum encyclopedia, which offers recipes and excursions into food cultures worldwide. 

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