Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Feel the heat with Julie Biuso

Feel the heat
I tried to cram as much eating (and the obligatory walking so I could eat even more!) into my whistle-stop visit to London the other week, but Ilaria and I loved eating at Dishoom so much – a modern-day Bombay CafĂ© – we went there twice. All well and good, and you'll see why here Dishoom dining.

Once back on Waiheke, I was hanging out for those flavours and started rattling through some of my favourite spicy dishes. Dal with cauliflower and carrot and coriander salad are great vegetarian dishes. Inexpensive, too. Just like Italian pasta, lentils and pulses go by many different names, but I've tried to give a heads-up on dal.

In curries, heat doesn't always come from chilli – ginger, especially when mixed with garlic and other pungent spices – has quite a kick. You probably know that ginger offers relief from morning sickness, travel sickness and rumbling stomachs, but did you know that it helps relieve inflammation, clears nasal congestion, wards off coughs and colds and helps lower cholesterol? Adding ginger to your cooking gives it a bit of punch along with a healthy boost, and if you team it up with garlic, you can cure  just about anything, baldness and pimples included. HaHa!

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