Tuesday, May 17, 2016

London Brews & Paris Wine Cave

London Brews & Paris Wine Cave

There's lots going on in this newsletter – a visit to Crate Brewery in London hotspot Hackney Wick, a wine tasting in a 17th century wine cave in Paris, and all the low-down on making pizzas. I got all inspired about pizza again after munching on Crate's pizzas in London and had to crank them up once I got home.
Did you know you can cook a pizza on a barbecue grill? It works really well, producing a crisp crust, and you can choose to either cook it with the barbecue hood down to melt the cheese or to finish it off under an oven grill. I have also included heaps of tips on making dough and bread.

Enjoy your week. In this part of the world autumn (fall) has finally arrived just two weeks before winter is due! But I think pizza transcends all seasons – they're great for a simple summer meal, and a bit of chilli heat warms them up for winter.

Crate Brewery

Putting a toe in the water is something that comes naturally to Tom and Jess Seaton. Counter Café, their London café famed for great breakfasts where everything is cooked from scratch, is situated on the Lea Canal in Hackney Wick, where you can ‘sit on our tropical pontoon and pretend you are on Waiheke Island’.[…] (http://sharedkitchen.co.nz/2016/05/crate-brewery/)              

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