Friday, May 13, 2016

French salted butter cookies


Sables Bretons: French salted butter cookies
David, 13 May 

Sable Breton French butter cookies
Shortly after I had moved to France, I made dinner for friends in my apartment, which we finished up with a chocolate tart, which I flecked with a few grains of flaky sea salt. Everyone ate their desserts but one guest, politely, finally spoke up to let me know that somehow, I’d gotten some salt on the dessert. Since then, salt has become a popular ingredient in pastries. It adds a bit of contrast to any sweetness, and helps to enhances other flavors, too.
In Brittany, butter is celebrated in a variety of desserts, like kouign amann, that have become globally popular over the last few years, salted butter is used to make them. Unsalted butter used to be the butter of choice for making pastries and desserts. Some said (including myself) that salt is added as a preservative, so unsalted butter is usually fresher. And the other reason was that using unsalted butter allowed you to control the salt in a recipe.



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