Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sharing Julie Biuso's kitchen

We're sharing the kitchen now!

What a week! Busy yes, because of the time of year, but great fun, too, because I have my daughter Ilaria home – and we’re cooking together. Talk about a shared kitchen for real … I let her loose with a pinny and got her prepping and chopping. The results are tasty, we agreed, over a glass or three of rosé. Nice. Zucchini & Feta Fritters (the BEST version ever!).

 I had a play with two of my favourite ingredients – sweet corn and avocado. Sweet corn seems to appear in the markets and shops earlier than ever, but I’m not complaining as the quality is really good. Sometimes an ingredient triggers an idea … I was going to do corn and beans, but I opened the fridge and a container of black garlic caught my eye. Woo! Let’s have that I thought. The result is exotic, scrumptious beyond belief, and we both want to eat this combo again and again.
Sweet Corn & Avocado Salad You don’t know black garlic? Read about it here

 I had a chat with the lovely
Nikki Green who grows edible flowers on Waiheke, and I’ve been using them in salads and other dishes. Pretty as a picture. Find out about them here, and check out the simple but delicious salad.
I spied some super skinny asparagus in the shops, just the type for an
asparagus frittata. They’re not much good for anything else really as they are so thin, but they’re perfect for a thin frittata. Remember, a frittata is not a thick cake, it is a slimish sort of omelette, cooked in a frying pan. If a recipe you are following is made in a roasting tin in the oven … well, it is not an authentic frittata (call it something else!). Oh, well, I better get off my hobbyhorse!Cooking class bookings for the special events we are holding in January are coming in, so don’t delay if you want to book, or to buy vouchers to give as gifts (you can also buy vouchers for classes throughout the year). We are starting these summer days at the gorgeous Casita Miro with a sherry tasting with owner Cat Vosper, followed by a cooking demonstration and 3-cours lunch at my place in Rocky Bay. Great fun!

 Better get going … there’s much to be done, just as it is at your place I bet.

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