Monday, January 23, 2017

Farro with Mushrooms and Bacon


Farro with Mushrooms and Bacon
David, 22 Jan 

A few months ago, I was gifted a very large bag of farro, over five pounds of it. I never thought I could have enough farro, and sure enough, I’m almost at the end of it.
Mushroom Bacon Farro RisottoFarro is popular in Italy, and nowadays, it’s available in the United States and elsewhere. It’s a particular strain of wheat, similar to wheat berries, or épautre, in France, known elsewhere as spelt, emmer, and einkorn. But I’ve never found anything I like as much as the real-deal. So I was happy to have so much farro on hand!

Mushroom Bacon Farro RisottoI often just cook it up and add diced roast vegetables to it, for a no-nonsense winter salad. But I’m always on the prowl for other uses for it. Rolando, who gave me the farro (and owns Manicaretti, a company that imports it) said, when he handed me the hefty sack of it, “Just cook it up like risotto, David. It’s delicious!” And he was right – it is.
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