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David, 13 Jan

Floating island at Moissonnier Paris restaurant
Call me old-fashioned, but sometimes I like old-fashioned places. One place that does old-fashioned especially well is France. But I’m not the only one who feels that way; people come from around the world to visit the city, and bask in the à l’ancienne charm, which is sometimes derisively described as carte postale Paris. Like other cities, Paris is changing and isn’t a museum, per se, but there’s something about the city that attracts people like no other city in the world. Many visitors come specifically to eat. Which I know for a fact because I came for the same reason.

Jura wine Moissonnier Paris restaurantThe loss of bistros has been well-documented, but there’s been a resurgence of interest in bistros that has sprung up in New York, London, Tokyo, and of course – even Paris, where la cuisine française is having a renaissance, too. But at some places, it never left. One such place is Moissonnier, which is considered a bouchon lyonnais, sending out plates of hearty, copious French food in the style of the bouchons of Lyon.
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